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Given how the flow of goods must always match the demand, we offer access to the best-in-class container terminals and a suite of quality services. The terminals are owned, operated and managed by BAFCO so our customers get complete visibility over their product flow. The fully asphalted terminals are equipped with state of the art equipment ranging from forklifts and pallet inverters to 5 high-reach stackers and 7 high empty stackers.


We offer more than mere container storage space. As part of our overall intention to streamline logistics and offer competitive transit times, we also offer value-add services such as re-working damaged cargo with shrink wrappers. In every way, we’re committed to offering you the best quality service.
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Secure container storage solutions

BAFCO embraces change to improve efficiency. When it comes to container terminals we make innovative use of technology to optimize safety and security practices. With reduced risk to containers and on-site personnel we ensure smooth movement to support your growth.

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