We offer customized warehousing solutions that work for your product needs from the time it leaves you factory till when it is delivered to its end destination. Our warehouses are spread over 200,000+ sqm and are designed to secure all types of inbound and outbound freight, including commercial containerized cargo, hazardous goods, home appliances, furnishings, construction materials, vehicles, consumables and foodstuff, as well as bulk cargo and break bulk and keep it flowing through the supply chain at a pace that suits you.

Our innovative solutions are cost-effective and comply with industry standards to keep your operations lean, efficient and highly customizable. With BAFCO you can rest assured that you cargo is in safe hands at every stage of its movement.

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More than just a warehouse

BAFCO warehousing services offer more than just space. Our value add services save time and effort to give you flexibility. From cargo sorting to scanning and managing pallet logistics, we bring you closer to your potential.

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