Irrespective of company size, product type and markets, we strive to provide a true end-to-end experience. From inland transportation over the road and rail network to shipping cargo internationally via an air or sea route, we cover all modes of transport and offer comprehensive insurance cover for added security.


We recognize the inherent strengths of each transport mode and tailor transportation solutions that match your demand cycle. Our inland services take your goods from factories to warehouses and from warehouses to retail outlets. Our air freight solutions are ideal for time critical deliveries and our ocean freight network lets you reach every port on the globe in a cost-effective way.


Versatile inland transportation solutions

BAFCO is recognized as a specialist in containerized traffic but our expertise is not limited to this. We have a fleet of 100+ trailer trucks for non-containerized transport within the Kingdom. This allows us to provide provides the fastest achievable transit time by road - an added advantage to our customers.

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BAFCO International is specialized in containerised traffic, however, we also specialise in arranging curtain side trailers/flatbed trailers for non containerised loading within the Kingdom. Special trailers like low beds, multi axle trailers are arranged to carry out-gauge cargo and we also have our own reefer trucks for moving live reefers from one location to other for delivery or export.

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