Ocean Freight

Whether your business is small or large, whether you want to ship cargo to a neighboring country or somewhere across the globe, we manage your cargo flow smoothly and efficiently. Our ocean freight services range from shipping perishables and refrigerated cargo to dry cargo, hazardous materials and break bulk cargo.


With an unparalleled network and an experienced team, BAFCO is the single point of contact required for reliable, robust shipping solutions. From determining the ideal shipping schedule and organizing cargo to distributing loads and last mile delivery, we take care of all the critical details to match your cargo flow to the demand pattern.


Cost-effective shipments for agile delivery

We see the world through our customer’s perspective – it’s all about being first in the market. With BAFCO’s smooth ocean freight solutions you can reach customers wherever they may be in a cost-effective, efficient way.

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The BAFCO Advantage

Our specialist teams have handled a wide range of inbound and outbound freight, including commercial containerized cargo, hazardous goods, home appliances and furnishings, construction materials, vehicles, consumables, and foodstuff, as well as bulk cargo and break bulk, such as industrial / processing plant installations. We provide last mile services by taking care of your shipment from the beginning, when it is shipped out of the warehouse, to the finish, when it is sent to your factory’s doorstep in any part of the world.







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