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5 Things that a complete logistics solution provider in Saudi Arabia must have

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From iron and steel to precious stones, plastics and chemicals, Saudi Arabia exports a wide range of products. In 2018, the country was the 28th biggest exporter to the USA. There are tonnes of cargo transported domestically as well. As a business, when you’re looking for a complete logistics solution in Saudi Arabia, you need to work with someone who can transport your goods safely and on time. Here are 5 absolute must-haves.

Experience handling your category of products

Different types of products need to be handled differently. Perishables must be kept refrigerated while fragile cargo such as electrical equipment must be handled with care to minimize the risk of damage. Similarly, liquids and chemicals have unique handling needs. The process and equipment required to transport oversized cargo are completely different. So, the first step to finding the best logistics companies in Saudi Arabia is to ensure that they have dealt with products from your field before.

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Safety record

When you talk of safety in terms of air freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia, there are two points to be considered. Firstly, the company must have a good record of safely transporting cargo with minimal damage. Secondly, they must ensure the safety of their workers. For this, they must invest in the best quality materials and equipment and must have thought out safety SOPs. Always check the type of insurance coverage provided.

Market Reputation

A simple web search will list hundreds of logistics providers with each claiming to be the best shipping agent in Saudi Arabia. Before you start browsing through all of these websites, ask your circle of people for references and recommendations. Rather than focus on pricing, you must ensure that the company has a good market reputation. This should be certain both in terms of the quality of service provided and the ease of communicating with the company.

End to end delivery capabilities

Ideally, you need a simple logistics provider to take care of all your transportation needs. Thus, when you’re looking for airport freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia, you must make sure that they not only transport cargo from one airport to the other but also from the airport to your warehouse and vice versa. Choose a logistics provider who can transport your cargo through the air as well as by road and railway for efficient door-to-door delivery.

Ability to handle customs requirements

Lastly, whether you’re looking at break bulk shipping in Saudi Arabia or container shipping, your logistics solution provider must be able to navigate through customs documentation and procedures to ensure that your cargo is not held up at any stage.

Having a trustworthy, reliable logistics solution provider is critical to a seamless supply chain. Depending on your needs, you may also want to look into additional services such as warehousing and the availability of container terminals. Of course, matching your budget is an important consideration but always remember to prioritize high-quality service.

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