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A Quick Checklist to select the Best Air freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia

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When it comes to shipping goods internationally, the choice is usually between the sea route and the air route. The latter is more expensive but preferred when cargo is time sensitive. There are many air freight forwarders in the world. Having said that, you need to work with reliable freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia to ensure that your products reach their destination intact. The question is, how do you access the best shipping & forwarding company? Here’s a quick checklist. First, What is Air Freight? The carriage of goods by air is known as air freight. These shipments travel through passenger and commercial gateways. There are dedicated aircraft called freighters for movement of bulk cargo. Passenger aircrafts are also used for the movement of cargo. Working with the right companies who are airport freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia is advantageous for companies wanting to participate in international trade fairs and those who need to have their cargo shipped in the shortest time possible. Many cross border shipping solution providers use air freight in conjunction with other types of shipping such as ground, rail or marine shipping, sea to air, air to sea, etc., A Quick Checklist – Work with the best global freight forwarding solution provider in Saudi Arabia Working with a reliable forwarder in Saudi Arabia ensures that your supply chain runs smoothly. So, here’s what you need to keep in mind. 1. Market reputation Girl in a jacket The quality of service a freight provider offers over the years is what will determine their market reputation. Look for a freight forwarder who is a top agent for emirates airline or a top agent for Qatar airways or top agent of the biggest airlines in the world. Along with the information available online, ask the forwarders for references. 2. Experience Girl in a jacket Missing even a single document when importing and exporting cargo can have your shipment held up in customs for weeks and months resulting in huge cost on demurrage. To avoid this, you need to work with an experienced multinational forwarder in Saudi Arabia. They should have sufficient knowledge about the laws and regulations in the country of origin as well as the destination. If you deal with perishables, consumables or chemicals, you may need to find forwarders who have specialized experience of shipping such cargo 3. Network Girl in a jacket Getting your cargo transported in time depends largely on the forwarder’s network. You need to work with dry port freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia who can leverage carriers for the best rates and get the required paperwork in place and carry your cargo to any inland point. You can ask the forwarders who they work with or ask them for references to evaluate their network. 4. Pricing and Insurance Girl in a jacket Though pricing should not be the most important factor, the forwarder’s rates must match your budget. You will need to consider the forwarder’s rates along with cargo insurance which adds safety to the value of your cargo until it is in his custody. Get quotes in writing and check for brokerage fees, fuel surcharges, etc. to make sure the price you end up paying isn’t higher than initially negotiated.] 5. What to do next Girl in a jacket If you’re looking for the best global freight forwarding solution provider in Saudi Arabia, reach out to us at BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics Co. Ltd. With an international network of over 50 associates and over 3 decades of experience, we have the experience and expertise you need.

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