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The best multinational logistics solution provider in Saudi Arabia to move your cargo.

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Whether you’re marketing processed foods, furniture or clothing and shoes, you need to cater to the domestic as well as the international market. Handling cargo on your own can be challenging but the good news is that there are a number of sea freight forwarders and trucking companies in Saudi Arabia you can partner with. You want your cargo to reach its destination safely and speedily so, it’s important to work only with a trustworthy logistics company in middle east.

What is Multinational Logistics?

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As the name suggests multinational logistics refers to the process of planning and managing the movement of cargo from the company to resellers and customers in other countries. There are many aspects to this. The ideal shipping & forwarding company will be able to provide you with services ranging from packing and warehousing to transportation and customs clearance shipping and until last mile delivery.

In most cases, multinational logistics involves cargo transportation by air or sea. For the former, you could partner with the top agent for Emirates airline or the top agent for Qatar airways. Cargo movement by air is fast but it is also expensive. Transportation via the sea route may be slower but it is more economical and more common.

Finding the Best Logistics Partner

As mentioned above, there are countless logistics service providers in Saudi Arabia. That said, not all of them have a comparable market reputation. Making a choice solely on budget may be detrimental rather than advantageous as cheap service providers are likely to cut corners. Instead, spend a little time doing some research. Ask for references and quotes from all the companies that you shortlist. This gives you a good idea of the market rates and puts you in a position to negotiate a good deal. Make sure the company you choose to partner with can handle your scope of work, has experience dealing with your kind of products and is aware of the customs rules for the country you are importing from/ exporting your products to.

Top Logistics Company in Middle East

With expertise and experience spanning over 2 decades, BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics. Co. Ltd has cemented its position as a trustworthy logistics company in middle east. The company has 20 offices across the globe and a presence in 5 countries.  The services provided range from transportation of packaged goods, warehousing and storage to forwarding services. BAFCO is a specialist in project cargo movement and boasts of over 200,000+ square meters of warehousing space.

Transporting your cargo made trouble free

Having a good logistics partner smoothens your supply chain movement and lets you reach out to a global customer audience. When you partner with BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics. Co. Ltd you can relax knowing that your cargo is in safe hands. Not only are you assured of door to door service you will also not have to bother yourself with customs compliance and paperwork. To get started, reach out today.


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