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Top 27 Land, Air & Sea Ports in Saudi Arabia For Cargo Movement

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Saudi Arabia was once an agricultural society but over the years, it has evolved to become a strong regional and global economic power. It is among the top 20 importers and exporters in the world. From petrochemicals and plastics to construction material, appliances and metals, a large variety of goods are imported and exported by air freight forwarders and sea freight forwarders. If you need to transport goods, you need to work with the best logistics company in Saudi Arabia and know the ports through which your goods can be transported.

Why are ports a major source of income for Saudi Arabia?

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When it comes to energy and superpowers, Saudi Arabia is the first name on the list. It is the largest petroleum exporter. Over 7.24 million barrels per day of crude oil is exported by Saudi Arabia’s shipping & forwarding company. This is what has powered the Saudi Arabian economy and helped build a strong infrastructural foundation. With this is mind, it’s easy to understand why the country’s ports are so valuable and why there are numerous airport freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia.

Dry port Vs Sea Port

Ports are defined as areas that can shelter boats and sea-faring vessels carrying people or cargo. Shipments can be loaded and unloaded at such ports. Ports in Saudi Arabia can be categorized as Dry Ports and Sea Ports. The first refers to inland terminals where dry port freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia load and unload their cargo. Usually these are container Terminals near the industrial area where there are no sea ports. On the other hand, a sea port is located on the coast. These ports can accommodate the small and large vessels of a maritime transport company. Before you sign on to working with the top agent for Emirates airline or the top agent for Qatar airways, you should find out which type of ports they function at and if they have expertise in both Sea and Airports customs clearance Handling.

Here are the top ports in Saudi Arabia:

Major Sea Ports

  • Jeddah Islamic Sea Port
  • King Abdulaziz Port
  • Jubail Industrial Port
  • Jubail Port
  • Ras Tannorah Port
  • Rabigh Port
  • Ras Alkhair Port
  • King Abdullah Seaport
  • King Fahad port
  • Yanbu Port
  • Deba Port
  • Jizan Port
  • Khafji Port

Major Cargo Airports

  • King Abdulaziz International Airport
  • King khalid International Airport
  • Wadea airport (najran)
  • King Fahad Airport
  • Madinah Airport

Major LAND Ports:

  • Riyadh (Dry Port)
  • Batha
  • Haditha
  • King Fahad Causeway Bridge
  • Al Kaffjei
  • Al Rragey
  • Jedaydat Arrar
  • Al Ddurrah
  • Salwa
  • Halat Ammar

Find the best logistics company in UAE

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