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Top 3 reasons you need a door-to-door freight shipping in Saudi Arabia

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For a business to be successful today, it isn’t about product as much it is about superior customer service. The experience and convenience you offer your customers is the biggest factor influencing their decision to make repeat purchases. Door-to-door freight shipping in Saudi Arabia plays a big role in improving customer experience. Wouldn’t your customers be happier if they didn’t have to go somewhere to pick up a box but could have it delivered home to them? Streamlined logistics, cost efficiency and versatility – let’s take a closer look at these three benefits of door-to-door freight shipping.

Streamlined logistics

As a vendor, you have goods being transported across the country as well as internationally. Shipping cargo involves not just packing and loading but plenty of paperwork as well. You need a logistics solution provider in Saudi Arabia who can streamline all of this and manage end to end logistics in compliance with all the local and state regulations. A door-to-door shipping & forwarding company in Saudi Arabia will be able to handle all the paperwork, pick up packages from your warehouse and have them delivered to the customer in the shortest time possible. The process becomes much more straightforward and your involvement in the nitty-gritties is dramatically reduced.

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Cost efficiency

Costs are of course one of the biggest factors to be kept in mind when choosing a global freight forwarding solutions provider Saudi Arabia. When you choose a door-to-door delivery service, your logistics partner can take on warehousing and inland transport. Since there is a single vendor handling all of these aspects of getting your product from the factory to the customer, your costs are lowered considerably while the transportation becomes quicker and more efficient. After all, since you have a single company handling movement at all stages, unnecessary storage is minimized. Working with a single maritime transport company in Saudi Arabia who can also handle inland transportation further lowers the risk of goods going missing, etc and thus reduces incidental costs.


Whether you’re looking for machinery shipping in Saudi Arabia or shipping for perishables, no two consignments you send out are likely to be identical. Partnering with a door-to-door service provider eases limitations on size, weight, volume etc. and gives you the freedom to plan your shipping schedule in the way best suited to you. This versatility is beneficial for companies as well as their customers who no longer have to worry about consolidating orders. As a company you no longer have to worry about tracking individual orders or issues like customs clearance.

In short, door-to-door freight shipping is convenient and practical. It makes logistical operations much smoother and reduces unnecessary delays thus giving customers better service and a reason to stay loyal to the brand. As one of the top global freight forwarding solutions provider Saudi Arabia, BAFCO can handle all your logistical requirements ranging from warehousing products until they are ready to be shipped to shipping them domestically and internationally and getting them delivered to the customer.


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