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Working with the best Logistic Company in Saudi Arabia Expectation Vs Reality

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Whether you deal with processed food, furniture or textiles – you need a safe, secure way to transport your goods from the manufacturer’s base to customers. This is why you need to partner with the best logistic company in Saudi Arabia. With an extensive global network, experience and expertise in all matters related to logistics, BAFCO is one of the most reliable and trustworthy transport companies in Saudi Arabia. Let us handle your logistics to ensure your cargo reaches retail outlets and customer’s doorstep the way you intended so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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Why best logistic company in Saudi Arabia?

Our values

As one of the best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia, we have worked with big and small companies around the world. We pride ourselves on our relationships with these companies and the trust our partners place in us. BAFCO pays attention to every minute detail which is why it’s always at the top of the Saudi Arabia transport company list.

We invoice our services clearly with no extra charges and ensure that cargo lists match across all documents. We follow all rules and regulations of the kingdom. Our documentation is impeccable and one of the reasons our cargo is rarely held up at customs.

BAFCO also prides itself in being a solution provider. Our years of experience has given us the ability to spot problem areas before they become apparent and the expertise required to be able to design efficient solutions for any such issues.

Our policy on transparency

When you partner with BAFCO, you get a timeline that you can count on. From the time the cargo is picked up at your warehouse to its delivery, stored at our handling facilities before its schedule for delivery, we are transparent about its movement so you know when to expect the delivery. 

We understand how valuable your cargo is to you and hence strive to maintain a high level of transparency at every step of the way. Unlike other shippers, we are committed to the quoted price offered with no escalation or hidden charges with flawless service second to none in the industry.

We only lift those services we know we are capable of providing. Hence, there’s no fear of your cargo handling being outsourced to anyone else as we will fulfil all the points mentioned in the quote in terms of cargo safety, environmental impact, timely deliveries, etc.

It is rare for our clients to have to reach out to us for a delayed delivery. We maintain open lines of communication throughout the project. Whether you choose to reach out to use by email or a phone call, your concern will be heard and responded to.

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Our safety track record

We take our role as custodians of your cargo very seriously and do our best to ensure, safe and secure transportation of your cargo. There’s no fear of your cargo being misplaced anywhere along the way or of getting lost. We will continue to take care of your cargo until it can be handed over to you or your representative. However, we recommend you to ensure your cargo to avoid any last minute surprises.

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Presence of the Transport company Across Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is more than just the capital city of Riyadh and Jeddah. Companies have branches spread out across the country and they should not be forced to deal with third-party logistics companies in Saudi Arabia that are far from them. That’s why BAFCO has invested in a domestic network of branches and regional offices. We have logistics companies in Dammam as well as logistics companies in Riyadh. The head office is located on the West coast in Jeddah and our key regional offices are in Riyadh, Dammam Jubail and Rabigh.

 BAFCO International Shipping & Logistics. Co. Ltd presence can just be checked by googling the following quires.

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This network of transport companies in Saudi Arabia lets us provide professional warehousing and distribution facilities as well as transportation over land, sea and air. We can handle all types of cargo in compliance with all governmental and industrial Safety procedures. Our services cover domestic movements as well as cross-border logistics.

The range of different Logistic Services

We do more than just ship cargo from point A to B – we take care of all your logistics needs with a centralized coordination point.

We can handle simple shipments as well as complex shipments that need to be delivered halfway across the world. Our specialists can direct freight movements to single or multisite destinations and take control of everything from loading supervision to customs clearance. The company is capable to shipping small packages as well as Project Cargo or OOG cargo. This refers to oversized cargo that requires specialized handling.

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The BAFCO overland network lets us boast of providing the fastest achievable transit time by road within Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. We have over 100 trailer trucks that run intercity routes every day of the week. BAFCO also has a well developed sea freight service with competitive rates, streamlined processes, reliable sailings and the best transit times.

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